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Launch of the TSS Cadre Recruitments for 2021

Problem Statements

  • The department was under distress of professional technical and management support at local level

  • The department was not ready with their framed advertisements and other formal documents up until a week to the launch

  • The department was not familiar with the modernised way of sharing information, using a landing page

Solution Statements

  • To address the distress of the department, we stationed part of our team at the department itself – working on each and any kind of department requirement

  • The team assisted in digitally framing advertisements and other formal documents in matter of days

  • On team’s suggestion, the department agreed to landing page and it helped the department all related information on one single landing page

At and Post Launch

  • The department was functioning earlier functioning on remote Technical and Management support from TCS – And the department was facing a lot of issues, but will setup of local team – The department was able to work faster and better as per requirements

  • The framing of advertisements and other documents was appreciated by the department as the best in history so far

  • The landing page in question was visited by lacks of applicants and the user journey was really smooth, all information – documents, including FAQs and application form being accessible from the single landing page

  • Later, the department also appointed us for our professional presentation development, to be presented to our Honourable DGP